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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Day For Pancakes

Another blustery mid-February day and a rotten day for a road trip. But this is winter in NY, and regardless of how the media tries to make each week's "Storm of the Century" worse than the last, we who choose to live here press on. And when the going gets tough, the tough stop for pancakes—usually at Cartwright's Maple Tree Inn.

As a business model, it would appear on paper that the Maple Tree has about as much chance of success as a bumble bee does flight. Don't try to explain it, just enjoy your breakfast. The place is located far away from most everything, on a tertiary side road a few miles out of Angelica. Yet, for forty years, folks have been bravely navigating these often snow covered back roads to pig out at the Maple Tree. So, what'll you have? The choices are eggs, sausage, ham and buckwheat pancakes with their own locally produced maple syrup. They start you off with hot coffee, then serve the eggs, meat and pancakes, and then more pancakes, and then more pancakes until you tell 'em to stop. It's a darn good breakfast for around 10 bucks.

Now that I have your taste buds all primed for a hot, family style breakfast, there is one thing you need to know—and this important—The Maple Tree Inn is only open for around 50 days a year. They typically unlock the doors around Valentine's day and close up in mid-April. So, is it any wonder that the place usually packed? If you don't get 'em while their hot—you don't get 'em at all, at least not until next year.

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