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When you spend time and money maintaining a garden to supplement the family food supply, those same critters that city folk find cute and lo...


Blubari Publishing is a content creation, curation, and consulting service providing compelling news, reviews and links for a variety of popular Web clients including:

The Live2Play Network - For Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, DJs and anyone interested in performing or recording.

Live2Play Worship - For praise and worship leaders, musicians, House Of Worship Sound Techs

SoundProLive - For audio professionals, sound techs, monitor engineers. Where Live2Play covers what happens up on stage or in the recording studio, SoundProLive covers what's happening in the sound booth and behind the glass.

YouTube Channels:

SX3 Network - Sound, Stage and Studio features video reviews used to support the various features we provide.

Blubari Publishing - A second source for the various videos we create for our clients and for our own multi-media publishing projects

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